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Scene Re-creation

Scene Re-creation


let’s look at our last assignment together and then get going! Below are links to a previous student re-creation and the original.

Scene Re-creation Rubric

Voices Carry

Voices Carry Original


Extra Credit Research



most of you are ready for another challenge, so try this:


Foley Research Assignment


You are to complete an Audacity file discussing the art of Foley. The file must include:


-The history of Foley

-Where it is used

-Examples of films that Foley effects are used in.


Short Film



What makes a good short film? What types of stories and characters can be captured in this short format?

In pairs, please view at least 5 Short Films and take notes using the format below. Find quality short films… like Oscar Nominated Shorts, and other award winning short films. View others you find on the web. Be selective. Join Vimeo to help you start a list of your favorites. If possible, find works that relate somehow to your own creative work, as inspiration for a technique or look you hope to achieve. Try to use films that are longer than one minute and shorter than 10 minutes (though the definition of a short film may vary).

Make notes on your favourite shorts, record your reflection once you have viewed 5 shorts. Your submission must note the below info for each film (some of this info can be found online and pasted into your reflection):

Run time:
Link to the film :
Story Synopsis:
Visual strengths:
Use of Sound / Music:
See links to Short films…

Also, here are a couple of Westdale short films:


Virgin Vampire

Fresh Flesh

Day 2




thank you so much for your patience in the heat yesterday and for being so understanding with all the technical difficulties! Hopefully today will run more smoothly. We will move on to the second Audacity assignment and then consider our final, unit ending, project. Also, attached is a short study guide with some audio/audacity terms; if you are finished a little early, please study for a quiz we will have tomorrow.

Audacity Study guide